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Who Is Fortenberry Insurance Brokers?


FIB is one of the nation’s leading Medicare Supplement insurance agencies. We work with over 30 of the top Medicare supplement insurance companies. We take pride in ensuring our clients are educated on the costs and benefits of each plan and company so they can make the right decision.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients understand all of their Medicare options so they can make an informed decision and choose the right Medicare plan for their situation.

What Does Fortenberry Insurance Brokers Do?

FIB is an independent insurance agency specializing in Medicare supplement plans and dental, vision & hearing plans. We provide 100% accurate quotes and are services are 100% free!

We also offer a unique program that monitors our clients Medicare supplement rates and alerts them if they are overpaying! Learn more about our Free "RATE WATCH" program here.

Irvin Fortenberry Jr. is the agency owner of Fortenberry Insurance Brokers.  Every day, he works with people all over the United States, helping them understand their Medicare options, and ensuring they are receiving the best service, pricing and resources.  Irvin is a licensed insurance agent in over 30 states.  The following agent license numbers are provided for as required by state law: VA #764708, TX 1802148.

Irvin built FIB Agency from the ground up and takes great pride in ensuring each client has the best plan and coverage at the best possible price.  He designed the "rate watch" program, which protects our clients from annual rate increases that are inevitable with Medicare Supplement plans.

Irvin grew up in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Richmond, Virginia upon graduating from college.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife (Wanda) and their three children.  He's an avid sports fan, enjoys traveling and Coaching his daughter's softball team. Irvin can be contacted directly at (844) 633-7875 or via email

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Meet Mr. Fortenberry

Irvin Fortenberry

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